Curriculum Approach

Category: Academic

The curriculum approach for The School will focus on all students obtaining a high level of rigor and relevance across all content areas. One of the reasons for this particular focus is the State of Florida’s transition from using the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards Generation to the Common Core State Standards Initiative. Assessment over the next 3-7 years will evolve to be more rigorous (i.e., require analysis,synthesis and evaluation as identified by the Knowledge Taxonomy of the Rigor/Relevance Framework®) and more real-world relevant (i.e., interdisciplinary, real-world predictable or unpredictable

situations as identified by the Application Model of the Rigor/Relevance Framework) (International Center for Leadership in Education, 2011).

lmPicture 036In order to elevate student learning to this level of rigor, The School will implement a studentfocused approach to instruction, also known as active learning. In this approach, students are actively engaged in problem solving, formulating questions, and debating and discussing. This type of learning enhances each student’s acquisition of critical thinking, in-depth understanding of course material, and confidence. This student-focused approach will be evident throughout this application, as it will be evident throughout The School’s classrooms.

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