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We are committed to a high quality education, community involvement, extracurricular clubs, athletics and the development of well-rounded scholars.

•A Miami-Dade County Tuition Free Public Charter School.

•9th – 10th grade college preparatory institution. Rigorous curriculum including advanced academic programs: Honors, STEM and CTE courses.10 school sponsored clubs.

•Athletic sports.

•Students develop creativity through history, theory and techniques essential to excellence.

•Dedicated to the emotional and social development of our students in a nurturing and safe environment.

•Fifteen classrooms.

•Media Center and Virtual Library.

•3 Computer Labs.

•Mobile Tablets.

•Promethean Boards in all classrooms.


High Schools Academics

English Department
Math Department
Science Department
Social Studies Department
Electives Department
English I
Algebra I
Physical Science
World History
Personal Fitness
English I Honors
Team Sport I and II
English II
Algebra II
Spanish I, II
English II Honors
AP Spanish
ESOL Levels I, II, III, IV
Intensive Reading
Introduction to Art History
English through ESOL


2014-2015 Curriculum Bulletin

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