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The School is committed to ongoing parental communication regarding every child’s progress, as parental involvement is a fundamental component of encouraging and motivating student engagement in education. Ongoing information regarding grades, current levels of instruction, and specific concerns will be provided through mid-quarter progress reports, quarterly report cards, parent conferences, parental involvement workshops and other forms of written and oral communication.


Constitutional Amendment for class size reduction by creating a school to serve students in Miami-Dade County.


One of the most pertinent issues affecting schools in Miami-Dade is overcrowding. The current schools surrounding the intended geographic region have all been affected by the area’s population growth and the implementation of the class size state amendment, which, in some schools, requires additional classrooms to accommodate students. The addition of The School will ease the burden on local schools exceeding the Permanent Florida Inventory of School Houses Capacity. Furthermore, the current difficult financial environment is causing a decreased enrollment in religious and private schools, thus placing more pressure on the public school system.



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