The Comprehensive Reading Program

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Classroom libraries will be organized by genre and Lexile levels to provide students with the opportunity to improve their reading proficiency.

Teachers will organize classroom libraries to afford students ample opportunities for and easy access to reading materials throughout the day and during structured independent reading time.


lmbibliotecaWord Walls: Teachers will implement the use of word walls consisting of high frequency words, word patterns, phonics elements and Tier 2 and 3 vocabulary words as they are introduced to students to reinforce word study. Students will participate in word wall activities to practice vocabulary automaticity.

Silent Sustained Reading: Independent, sustained silent reading will be included in the reading classroom to help students build stamina for longer and more challenging reading tasks.


Teachers will be responsible for the monitoring and accountability of student participation and engagement. Reaction journals, reading logs, book passes and a variety of other instructional practices will help students make connections to text.

The Comprehensive Core Reading Program (CCRP): The literature program that will be used

in grades K-5 is Houghton Mifflin Reading: A Legacy of Literacy. This research-based, comprehensive reading program includes a wide reading selection of various genres including:


non-fiction, fiction, science fiction, biographies, autobiographies and other informational text.


Poetry and creative writing is an integral part of this series. Supplemental materials will be available to teachers, including visual aids, leveled reading materials for guided reading support, consumable student workbooks for grammar and spelling, and lessons incorporating a variety of core content-areas including science and social studies. A Legacy of Literacy provides teachers with a curriculum that targets all reading levels while providing support for struggling readers and acceleration/enrichment for striving readers. The text consists of accommodated lesson plans for English language learners and students with disabilities in order to provide individualized instruction to meet all learners’ needs. Activities within the program are designed to meet the

needs of on-level learners, advanced learners, below-level learners, English-language learners and students with disabilities. Aligned instructional materials, such as decodable books and leveled readers, will be used for individual and group practice opportunities.


In grades 6-8, the reading program for students working at or above grade level will include The Language of Literature from McDougal Little, Prentice Hall/Holt (Honors), studies of appropriate novels, and reading in the content area. Voyager Passport Reading Journeys will be used to support systematic reading instruction as needed.

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