Health and Physical Education

Category: First Grade

Movement Competency

• Use locomotor skills while changing directions, pathways, and speeds

• Strike, dribble, and catch various objects including the use of overhand and underhand throws


• Perform a variety of balanced positions, rolls, jumps, hops, and leaps safely

• Chase, flee, and dodge to avoid or catch others

Cognitive Abilities

• Identify safety rules and procedures for physical activities

• Identify the rules for safe water activities

• Name examples of warm-up and cool-down exercises

• Recognize the importance of practicing to improve performance

Lifetime Fitness

• Participate in moderate to vigorous physical activity every day and demonstrate involvement in physical activities before and after school

• Set physical activity goals

• Identify pedestrians, vehicles, and traffic

• Identify the signs and benefits of physical activity and strengthening muscles

• Name the food groups

Responsible Behaviors and Values

• Choose playmates without regard to personal differences

• Follow directions during activities

• Display consideration on the playground

• Identify physical activity preferences

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