Social Studies

Category: First Grade

American History

• Use sources to answer questions about a historical topic and distinguish between historical fact and fiction

• Compare life now with life in the past


• Identify people from the past who have shown character ideals

• Use proper vocabulary to sequentially order events


• Use maps to locate places in Florida

• Construct a basic map using key elements including cardinal directions and map symbols

• Locate Florida, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Gulf of Mexico on maps and globes

• Understand the effects of location, weather, and physical environment on how people live


• Recognize the importance of saving money and making choices

• Distinguish between goods and services and recognize money as a way of exchanging these things

• Distinguish people as buyers, sellers, and producers of goods and services

Civics and Government

• Give examples of authority figures in school and community and explain authority to make and enforce rules

• Explain the rights and responsibilities students have and describe characteristic of responsible citizenship in the school community

• Show respect and kindness to others through fair conflict resolution

• Recognize symbols and individuals that represent American constitutional democracy

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