Category: First Grade

In first grade, mathematics instruction will build upon previous knowledge as number sense evolves into whole number relationships and place value. An understanding of addition and subtraction will become paramount, along with developing measurement skills. Manipulatives will continue to be utilized regularly.

The use of math journals will continue and group discussions will become more complex as students communicate their understanding of topics.



• Represent and solve addition and subtraction through word problems and equations

• Apply properties of operations and the relationship between addition and subtraction

• Extend repeating and growing patterns

Number and Operations

• Demonstrate place value of ones and tens

• Use place value to add and subtract two-digit and one-digit numbers

• Solve real-life problems through manipulatives, diagrams, and acting out

• Order and compare numbers on a number line


• Compose and decompose plane and solid figures

Measurement and Data

• Measure lengths indirectly using shorter length units

• Compare and order objects by length, weight, and capacity

• Tell and write time in hours and half-hours

• Interpret data with up to three categories

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