Instructional Principles

Category: Curriculum

Mathematics in early grades will guide students to explore math in their world through pattern exploration, hands-on interactive activities, and the use of manipulatives. Students will be provided multiple opportunities to use mathematics in real-world situations relevant to their daily lives.

The use of engaging manipulatives will drive instruction from a concrete demonstration of ideas into a full understanding of abstract concepts.

In upper grades, emphasis will be placed on practical problem-solving in real world situations and on the need for abstract thinking. Strong cognitive reasoning skills will be developed through sustained opportunity to practice concept application. Mathematics instruction will serve to provide depth in understanding of the Florida Standards and Next Generation Sunshine State Standards in Mathematics through interactive and engaging materials and activities. Rigorous development of numerical literacy will ensure that students are prepared for challenging programs of study as they enter high school. Teachers will document their emphasis on the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards and utilization of the test item specification from the State of Florida into their daily lesson plans.

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