Health and Physical Education

Category: Eighth Grade

Movement Competency

• Demonstrate competency in motor skills for a variety of individual/dual and extreme/alternative sports


• Demonstrate body management for successful participation in a variety of modified games and activities

• Apply principles of biomechanics necessary for safe and successful performance

• Demonstrate appropriate speed and generation of force when running sprints or distance, throwing, jumping, striking, or kicking

• Apply skill-related components of balance, reaction time, agility, coordination, power, and speed to enhance performance levels

Cognitive Abilities

• Provide feedback on skill patterns of self and partner by detecting and correcting mechanical errors

• Identify the critical elements for successful performance in a variety of sport skills or physical activities

• Describe how movement skills and strategies learned in one physical activity can be transferred and used in other physical activities

• List safety procedures and equipment necessary for a variety of sports and physical activities

Lifetime Fitness

• Participate in moderate to vigorous physical activity every day and demonstrate involvement in physical activities before and after school

• Participate in a variety of individual/dual and alternative/extreme sport activities that promote effective stress management

• Select a variety of physical activities when developing a personal fitness program

• Discuss training principles appropriate for enhancing cardiorespiratory endurance,

muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, and body composition

Responsible Behaviors and Values

• Act independently of peer pressure both in and out of school

• Develop strategies for including persons of diverse backgrounds and abilities while participating in a variety of physical activities

• Compare and contrast games, sports, and/or physical activities from other cultures

• Demonstrate appropriate etiquette, care of equipment, respect for facilities, and safe behaviors while participating in a variety of physical activities

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